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History of St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s completes fifty fruitful years of its life. As you sit down to trace its history, a thousand pictures, a thousand memories flood into your mind, each vying with the other to be written down, to be recorded and you cannot decide where to start.

The year was 1954, a very eventful year because All Saints’ High School completed a century of service to society. On this momentous occasion, Rev. Bro. John of God, the Rector of the school, deemed it very fitting to start a new school and so a building was hired at King Koti Road to accommodate this new school which was christened St. Paul’s, after his favourite saint. Some of the best students of All Saints’ along with a few teachers from nursery to seventh class were sent to the school, under the stewardship of Bro. John of the Sacred Heart. Bro. Robert too was on the staff for a short period. At its inception it was a Boys’ Middle School working as a branch of All Saints’ High School. A year later, in 1955, it was shifted to the present premises, which again was a rented building. Bro. Joachim shouldered the responsibility of the school for two years followed by Bro. Martialis. By then the school had one section each from nursery to class 7, with 300 students. But a couple of years after its birth, it was strongly felt that it was time to wean the infant St. Pauls’s from its parent institution. Accordingly, in 1958, St. Paul’s was made autonomous and Rev. Bro. Stanislaus was appointed the Principal. Under his stewardship there was no looking back and the school made a meteoric rise within the first few years. The first batch of X class students was sent up for the board examinations in 1959.

When we speak of St. Paul’s, we inevitably think of Bro. Stanislaus who guided the destiny of St. Paul’s for eighteen years and took it to great heights. The imposing structures that we see on either side of the road today owe their existence to Bro. Stanislaus. He devoted much of his time and also his energy and ingenuity in designing and supervising the work of construction besides collecting funds to finance this project. Soon the school gained popularity and became a much sought after institution and the strength of the school took a massive leap from 300 to over 2000 and now over 3000. Thanks to the unusually remarkable foresight of this exceptional man, the school has been able to accommodate the rising numbers because of the spacious and well-equipped buildings. He was very conscious of the needs of the students and therefore added conveniences like Auditorium, Libraries and Laboratories.

In the early years, the school had no play ground worth the name. Therefore, its budding sportsmen used the Gagan Mahal Grounds for their practice. It was here in the year 1966 that St. Paul’s carried the day at one of the four Quadrangular Meets – a regular feature conducted by the sister schools – All Saints, Little Flower and St. Paul’s. During Bro. Stanislaus tenure, the school attained the name of being one of the best schools in the twin cities, winning laurels in academics including state ranks. He himself was honoured with the National Award for Best Teacher in the year 1970-71, by the then President of India Late Sri V. V. Giri.

Ever on the look out to expand, Bro. Stanislaus acquired land on the other side of the road in 1971, to house the Primary Section. He dedicated the building to the Blessed Alphonsa and named it ‘Alphonsa Villa’. But fate had decreed it otherwise. Soon after the completion of the building Bro. Stanislaus passed away on May 12, 1976 and Alphonsa Villa was renamed ‘Bro. Stanislaus Memorial Building’ in honour of the Chief Architect of St. Paul’s, who through his pioneering efforts raised these massive structures which today stand tall, silhouetted against the backdrop of the sky.


Aspiring higher, striving harder and conquering new goals.


1. To enlighten and expand young minds.
2. To sharpen moral values.
3. To be bold, creative and innovative.
4. To explore new paths.

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