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The Congregation of Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, which constitutes a religious Order of Brothers in the Catholic Church, was founded by a French priest by name St. Louis de Montfort (1673-1716). The members of the Society are religious men inspired by Jesus Christ, who take the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and promise to live in communities, having everything in common, and no individual member claiming anything as his own.

The Brothers specially involve them self in education of children and youth, especially of the poorer sections. The Society’s priorities in education are not only academic excellence, but also formation of youth in discipline, hard work, moral and religious values. These priorities are meant to prepare the youth for life by promoting maturity, scientific temper, spirit of healthy competition, cooperation and sportsmanship through co-curricular activities, moral sensitivity to the needs and rights of others especially the poor, religious tolerance and national integration. The Society co-operates with like minded agencies be they Governmental or otherwise, to develop healthy, God fearing personalities and leaders for the nation through the process of Human Resource Development.

The Brothers administer Colleges, Schools, Technical Institutes, Orphanages, Boys Towns, and Institutes for the Deaf & the blind, printing presses and Home for the aged in 56 Dioceses of the Indian States. In some 196 institutions over 588 Brothers are serving. They are divided into 7 provinces in India with their own Provincial Superiors and Administrations.

Though the society lays great emphasis on formal education and greater share of its manpower and resources are invested in it, it is also actively involved in the field of technical education of youth. Involvement in the social sector, working at the grass root level, through social work and social activism for the enlistment of the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed is also an integral part of its mission.

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