St.Mathew’s Public School, Vijayawada


Nallurivari St. Mathew’s Public School, Vijayawada was established in November 1973 as a branch of V S St. John’s Higher Secondary School, Gannavaram. It eventually became an independent and full pledged school in 1974 and got affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, managed by the Society of Montfort ‘Brothers of St. Gabriel, the school which had a humble beginning on a seven acre plot of land, progressed into one of the better known institutions in South India. It is co-educational and runs classes from LKG to X. Aim of the’ school is not only to impart instruction but to develop the total personality of the child by training the intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical, . emotional and aesthetic faculties. Its present strength is 2922 with 1856 boys and 1066 girls. It is having a 100 well qualified’staff. Motto if the school Towards a Better World Colour of the Flag Maroon Uniform Sky blue shirts and steel grey skirts/ trousers The school is maintaining 100% results at the AISS examinations right from the first batch. It is a force to reckon with in literary, cultural, quiz and Sports & Games.

The school is the winner of the Girls Volleyball National Title in the inaugural year in 1998-99. In the Montfort literary Olympiad and Cultural Competitions the School bagged the Overall Montfort Literary Trophy for six years continuously and the Montfort Cultural Trophy for five years. The school teams established an appreciable record of entering CBSE Nationals in Six disciplines i.e. Under 11 yrs. Swimming, Under 14 yrs. Girls Table Tennis, Under 16 yrs. Athletics, Under 19 yrs. Boys Football, Under 19 yrs. Girls Basketball and Under 19 yrs. Girls Volleyball which they have entered for the third time in a row.



Education being the all-round development of the innate talents of a childs, we give as many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extra curricular activities. It will also teach him/her the values of cooperation and sportsmanship, making him/her a more disciplined individual. To achieve these aims we have provided facilities for indoor and outdoor games, athletics and literary and cultural activities.

a) Games and Sports Club: With an aim to develop the psycho mortar skills of the pupils, this child saw its emergence right from the birth of the school. Many, many sports stars were moulded on these tracks.

b) Literary Club: Soft skills play a major role in deciding a student’s future. To hone the literary skills of the pupils in speaking and writing, the Literary Club was started and it has played a major role in improving the communication skills of the pupils.

c) Cultural Club: The aesthetic skills of the pupils are sharpened by the Cultural Club which provides opportunities for students to exhibit their talent in dancing, singing and other art forms. NSM has to its credit many talented singers and dancers.

d) Quiz Club: In today’ s competitive world, everyone has to be well informed. To keep oneself abreast of the happenings now and in the past, the quiz club conducts inter house quiz competitions regularly. NSM has produced many whiz kids till date.

e) Maths and Science: Today’s e-world demands latest upgraded knowledge of my scientific concept. To inculcate scientific thinking in the pupils, the Maths & Science Club has been instituted. Many of our young Scientists have made NSM proud.

f) English Language Club: The English language Club has been instituted to improve the English language skills of the pupils. Through its various tests and quizzes, the club has been able to improve the English Language skills of the pupils.

g) Montfort Social Service: The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray. To instill human values, charity and mercy in the pupils, this club invites pupils to contribute for charity.

h) Green Earth Club: It is the duty of every human to protect his/her Mother Earth. The greener we grow, the happier we become. This is the value instilled by the Green Earth Club.

i) MYLS : Montfort Youth Leadership Society – This society aims at inculcating in the pupils the values propounded by St. Montfort, our founding father. Through various activities these values are instilled in the pupils.

Community Members

Bro. Monty  – L.S & Correspondent

Bro. Rayappa Reddy – Principal

Bro. Bala Reddy P. – Bursar

Bro. Prudhvi Pasala      – B.Com Student

Bro. Amrender Kisku  – B.Com Student

Bro. Bala Vinay Reddy- B.A. Student

Bro. Parag Tawade – B.A. Student

Bro. Wilfred Ekka – B.A. Student

Bro. Manoj Kerketta – B.A Student

Bro. Nilam Topno – B.A Student

St.Mathew’s Public School

Patamata – 520 010 ,Vijayawada, Krishna Dt. – A.P

Tel:   0866-2476505 (Cty)
           0866-2476519 (Sch)



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